Top Countries to Invest Your Money

Best world countries to invest in

Globalisation is a crucial part of acquiring more wealth, especially if investors plan on mitigating their risks and safeguarding their money from the ill-effects of any single economy. More and more people understand the positive benefits of moving their investments to other developing or developed economies, as international investment avenues have become safer and more accessible than ever.

The focus has firmly shifted to the Asian region, where global investors have sensed that the best opportunities in developing Asian economies will allow them to earn handsome returns for relatively smaller investments. It is also one of the reasons why countries such as China and India have experienced massive growth in the past decade, with these countries continuing to lead the way for all global superpowers to follow suit.

Several independent agencies have performed various studies to determine the best countries in the world to invest money. According to a recent U.S News report, Asia has the highest number of investment-friendly nations in the world. Major economies in the European Union such as Germany, Italy, and France, which were traditionally considered to be the top economies for investments, have failed to make any significant impact on the report. Developed nations are known to have restrictive FDI policies that make it difficult for smaller investors to enter the market, thereby hurting such countries in the modern world of globalisation. Here is the list of the top 20 countries in descending order of rank, which were mentioned in the study:

Philippines, Indonesia, Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Spain, Thailand, India, Oman, Czech Republic, Finland, Uruguay, Turkey, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Brazil, France and Chile

Interestingly, China did not make it to the top 20, as it came in the 25th spot. A total of 80 countries were selected, and several ranking factors were considered for compiling the final list. More than 6000 business decision makers were consulted, with attributes such as the tax environment, corruption, economic stability, regulatory framework, skilled labour, innovation, technologies, and other factors contributing to the overall score. All factors were given equal weightage, which ensured that every aspect of investment was considered for providing a fair assessment.

There are many other countries in the world, where the quality living index is significantly higher than in the majority of countries that are mentioned in the above list. However, this list concentrates purely on the investment aspects of an economy, which is more relevant from an investor’s perspective. Therefore, investors should consider the pros and cons of each country, before contemplating a permanent or temporary move.

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